FANDOM weegee haters and protoman haters allowed protoman and weegee blockers more murkekow fans and blockers

4.fakegees are also allowed except the 2 people who banned or blocked us nice to protoman(sueproeegee's best friend)

6.protoman(me) is allowed to use bad grammar youtubers allowed

8.megaman is not allowed

9.stop acting like a ghost or else,we will block you being rude to me,i might block you

11.don't banned and block us or else,me and sueproeegee,protoziis will block you.

12.if theamazinghypneegee comes,does means he will banned me,tell sueproeegee to block him. 

13.don't block or banned me and sueproeegee(TheAmazingHypneegee and Puralleo did that)

*you will first be given a warning before any Blocking

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